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New Lee Jinglei post reveals Wang Leehom’s brings thugs to trespass, torment children


Lee leaks update, questions Wang’s mental health and pleads for children’s safety

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The celebrity scandal that rocked Taiwan in late 2021 has reared its head again with Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) posting a series of fresh accusations of ex Wang Leehom (王力宏) on social media on Tuesday (Jan. 11).

Lee said that her children’s hopes for their father Wang’s final homecoming were dashed when he brought three unknown men, including one suspected gangster, to their home, and demanded Lee unplug the security cameras. The kids burst into tears as the dramatic scene played out.

Lee gave a recount of events of the past weeks. She hit back against accusations she is asking Wang for money, and clarified what has happened with her children being used as media props in Wang’s attempt to conjure a counter-narrative, and begged for protection for her children.

Lee now believes Wang is mentally and physically unwell. She says that an unhinged father is worse than an absent father (note, Lee experienced the loss of her own father from an early age.)

This extended post revealed the details of what she has been through. The entire post of Lee’s is as follows:

“Firstly, I want to thank everyone one of you who have kept sending me warm messages of support through this time, you gave me strength and the will to carry on. When I am feeling down, I will look at your messages, and once again find courage and solace within your words. When I receive messages of condolence, I do not know how to respond… because I still feel I am in purgatory every day, and my body and mind are totally exhausted.

I believed that regardless of what happened, an apology of any kind would be a good start. I believed those who have done wrong will face their mistakes, seek forgiveness, and change their ways. But I was wrong. In our society today, it seems the way people deal with their wrongdoing is to double down and intensify the bullying of those they have wronged. They throw a tantrum and leverage their power to mobilize their people, spend their money to buy internet trolls. They not only can get away unscathed, but can get away with smearing their victim.

I have faced the whole thing alone. I only have the truth of what I have experienced and computer and my fingers. How can you face off against a powerful public figure who has such huge resources, investor backing, and teams of loyalists behind him? I don’t know how. But no matter what happens, I will not debase myself by matching their underhanded approach.

After staying silent for these past three weeks, in addition to facing the endless stream of absurd news swirling around us, what my children and I must now face are threats to our personal safety and mental abuse.

It turned out his apology was not sincere, but a tactic to dampen the heat of public anger, and a way to have me quiet myself and let go of what happened.

Our kids do not have any idea about what happened between us. They enjoy a simple and secure life. I know the pain of growing up fatherless. What I always wanted was for my children to grow up in a normal setting where they were surrounded by their parents love. So I did everything I could to maintain your relationship with your children, and make them feel that that love was always with us even when Daddy was not there.

He broke into our house with three men and demanded we pull out the security cameras

These past weeks, we have been counting down the days together waiting for Daddy to come home. We talked about what we can do once Daddy gets home, and they were so excited to finally see him when they got up one morning.

After the kids went to bed, I asked you what time will you come home tomorrow. You told me to ask the mediator in the U.S.

I said “Can you just tell me yourself? Because it's so late and I want to sleep, and the U.S. is in another time zone. The kids are anxious to see you in the morning and I would hate to see them be let down. Please turn up and let me know when you will be back.”

I finally got a reply from the mediator at 12:30 a.m. The mediator resent a message you had sent him saying you will come home in the morning and bring two employees our children know along with you.

I clearly said I do not think this in the kid’s best interest. We welcome you to come home by yourself, but please do not bring anyone else with you. Because in truth, the kids are not familiar with any of your employees, our personal lives and your employees have not been intermingled and the kids have only heard you mention their names before. They have never played with them, so your employees are just like strangers to our kids. I feel the children should be with you in a private space where they can feel comfortable with you. We do not need anyone to come in and watch over our home.

I waited until morning, yet never got a reply. All night I stayed up tossing and turning in my bed, not knowing what would happen the next morning. When I got up the next morning, I resent the message, saying the kids cannot wait to see you, and it's only us here at home, so I guess you do not need to bring anyone else here. (Note: the agreement we signed together clearly stated that we both needed to give consent before anyone other than the two of us were to visit our home.)

You replied that you would bring two male employees home with you. I clearly refused this and told you that, as one woman at home with three children, I would not feel safe if you bring two men with you. I expressed hope we could put aside our personal feelings and focus on the wellbeing of the kids for now. Today should just be about our children and us being here for them.

In the end you ignored what I said and, without my consent, forcefully brought two men with you and rang the bell. Now, I had the kids jumping with excitement to see you, but I begged you through the door to tell the other two men to wait downstairs. You stubbornly refused, threatening to walk away and not see the kids unless I let you bring these strangers in.

You demanded something else too — take out the security monitors from the children’s room or else you would not come through the door.

I begged you not to leave. Having waited so long, the kids would have been devastated if you turned your back and walked away from them. Regardless of everything else, just please come in and see the children.

I asked once more to send the strange men away. You promised me it would be only these two male employees and no one else, and told me not to worry, (These men then said "Yes, it’s just us here") and then you told me once more to remove the cameras.

What happened next made my blood run cold

I said I had not seen these employees outside of your workplace and having them hear in a private space made me very anxious and uneasy. I asked why do you want to get rid of the security cameras? What are you afraid of? Do they not keep you safer? I felt so strange, then started to panic. I said there is only me and the kids here at home, and one female housemaid, and that your being like this made me scared.

You asserted the two men you had brought were not going anywhere.

I then checked the surveillance camera that showed a live feed of the front entrance. What I saw made my blood run cold…

In addition to the two men standing behind you, a third man stood at the edge of the screen, standing much further behind the others. The two men had signaled to him to stand back where they thought he would not be visible. I had never seen or even heard about him before. You brought three strange men to our front door.

I realized your original plan was to come in with the key. Now you kept shaking the door, trying to break in. Fortunately, we had it locked. Otherwise, I have no idea what you could have done! The children, seeing everything escalate, burst out in tears. Then my hands started shaking, and try as I would to stop them, they shook all day until nightfall.

Wang had underworld connections, and one gangster tried to meet me

Why did you do this? You knew by doing this you would cause a direct conflict in front of our kids. What on earth do you want? I do not want to think of it for the possibilities frighten me.

In the past you shared with me the employee you were closest to in recent years has a criminal record in Taiwan and has been in the underworld, but that now he is back in Taipei. Yesterday, he also tried to arrange a meeting with me.

Before that, you and your employee let out that you may take your time in releasing a defense statement just because you suspected I may jump off a building before then.

Here I solemnly declare that I am healthy, both physically and mentally, and I have three young children to care for. I have many plans to contribute to society in the future, and so it is absolutely impossible for me to think of suicide. If something horrible happens to me, it will definitely not be suicide.

It's true that your disorderly conduct has put me through a great deal of mental pressure. Apart from caring for the children, every day I am like a goalkeeper, always exerting myself to fend off your slanderous attacks and various forms of harassment.

You still have not given up your act — pretending to be so pitiful in front of your relatives and friends. Trying to deceive them and earn their sympathy, so they will speak on your behalf and cover for you so you can vindicate yourself. Apart from those around you, you are constantly harassing people around me, trying to discredit me and fabricate false evidence.

Example One: Every day I set up a video call for you and the kids. The people around me know this. At the same time, you put out messages to those around you saying you miss the kids and that I do not let you see them. You say I put the camera facing the ground, so you can not see them and all these other lies. I have been forced by you to spend so much time to gather evidence to prove your accusations are false.

Your lies are exposed at a glance, so why do you keep telling them? The dual-purpose is to mislead the public and to threaten me with mental abuse. There will always be some people who will believe in you and so you continue to physically and mentally drain me.

A mentally and physically unhinged father is worse than an absent one

One time when we video called, you clearly knew the paparazzi were waiting downstairs. You tried to convince the kids to come down and be with you on the first floor. You said the photographers are all waiting downstairs, but do not worry kids, Daddy’s not afraid, we’ll let the media be afraid.

Will you stop at anything to save your own fame and fortune, regardless of the safety of your own children and the situation you put them in?

Without the consent of my me or our children, you shared a private video of you talking to them for 17 minutes, and passed it on to unrelated people for no reason (Note: I asked you and you could not give me a reason), exposing the children’s appearance without authorization or privacy.

Our children's physical appearance has never been revealed publicly. This is why they can continue to live in peace without any bullying or interruptions to their life. You told the media that the most important thing for you at this stage is your children. You say that, but your actions tell another story. What I see reflected in your eyes is that this is all still about you.

No mother would ever want to say something like that about the father of their children, but now I realize that a father who is mentally and physically unhinged is more terrifying than an absent one. I sincerely hope that you can wake up and not keep doing these things again and again. You are no longer behaving like a healthy person. For the sake of the children, I hope you will be willing to face up to your own problems and accept professional help.

In the end our innocent hopeless children are still caught up in this storm, the last thing I want. I still hope our kids can return to what their life used to be like and not be disturbed anymore. I saw how your family’s elders made statements worrying about the children. First of all, in order to slander me personally, it was you and your father, not me, who so willingly portrayed our children’s lives in such a cruel way.

There are no perfect options in life, we can only make the best choices with what we have.

Thus the two choices I face are as follows:

The children keep growing up in this environment of mental abuse and unprotected to even physical harassment from such a young age.
After growing up, the children will read the news on the Internet.

Our children have been living a very low-key life and have never been exposed to the media in this way, so up until now there has still been no problem of bullying at school.

Everyone is born with their own issues to face in life. Even if it is not because of this incident, people of our generation will need to face bullying for various reasons, not just because of this incident. The question we need to ask ourselves is not for what reason is behind the kids being bullied, but how we should raise the children to be good people. The kind of people with a resolute quality and inner strength, so that they can stand up on their own and face what life throws at them.

Nine times out of ten, life is unsatisfactory. Whether you are happy or not depends not on what happened to you, but on your mentality and ability to deal with whatever comes.

If we can see every challenge in life as a heaven-sent opportunity to grow, we will not feel helpless or depressed whenever we encounter setbacks. Forging a strong and well-rounded character in our children has always been the most important thing for our family and I believe our children will in the course of time be able to face this event in a healthy way.

I also urge all the members of the media and netizens, in the future, if you encounter our children, please do not photograph them. Please allow us to keep their lives as private and safe as possible.

Finally, in response to some other recent developments

1) Regarding your incessant attempts to muddy the waters with accusations that I am requesting money from you, I already have proof that from the very beginning and up until now, I only requested you make arrangements for your children’s living expenses. I have never requested money from you. It's not uncommon for you or your father to bring up the babysitter, maid, or driver. These staff are a part of your children’s current standard of living and have been for some time.

We have safety concerns when going in and out of our home, and the drivers are there to look after the children when they come and go. The part-time babysitter and the maid allow me to have more quality time to focus on keeping the children’s education and wellbeing. The decision about these staff should not be yours alone to make simply because now you want to go off and live a single life.

2. About yesterday’s news: I thought it might be buried in 1.12 million new messages, but a search could not find it (see the video). In truth, I waited 21 days but did not receive a message from you. Everything I mentioned in the article is true, and I will do my best to cooperate with the investigation and provide evidence to the police. It's been three weeks since you and your "bestie girlfriend" put out all manner of misleading false news, and I hope this ends. It is worth thinking about what the threshold for being a public figure really is. Should it at least be someone who can bring a positive impact on society (or at least not a negative impact?) It is worth taking a moment to think about.

Lee Jinglei."
Liam Gibson, Taiwan News, Staff Writer  


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